Jingle Bell Jog


With the year winding down and the cold breeze approaching. It’s the familiar sign that holiday season is right at the corner. Some will plan a trip outside the country, while others will just stay at home and make the most out of their long vacation. However, staying at home will be too boring, right? Why not instead of just watching Netflix while eating some oily and fattening food the rest of the day, try to do some running to boost your holiday spirit and at the same time burn all the calories. You can thank us, later. For now, put your shoes on and we’ll share with you how to spice up your holiday running!

When you’re on vacation mode it usually means that you can be so lazy the entire day and do almost nothing, you’ll just lie on the bed from sunrise to sunset. Eat whatever you want, that sometimes you forgot that when you’re not on vacation break you almost live at the gym just to achieve that certain body goals of yours. Are you really willing to let go of that—just in a blink of an eye? We bet not. Like the one you build so hard for months or even years will be gone just within a span of a week or two. You don’t want that, right?

To help you be back on your feet while the holiday season kicks in, is through jogging. If you don’t want to push yourself so hard by running because you would like to relax during this time–we understand that–jogging will be a good alternative to help maintain the weight you currently have and not to add like one to three kilograms more. Since Christmas season is somewhat associated with food and booze, you have to jog in between parties in order to stay fit and healthy amidst this holiday break. Just because you’re on your Christmas break you should be in a running hiatus as well, it shouldn’t be that way.

If you work so hard on something, you can’t let it go that easy. That’s why this playlist is what you needed to make you feel the running heat again through this heart-pumping music that matches your pace.

  1. JINGLE BELL ROCK – Glee Cast (152 bpm)
  2. CHRISTMAS TREE – Lady Gaga (109 bpm)
  3. SANTA BABY – Pussycat Dolls (112 bpm)
  4. RUN, RUN, RUDOLPH – Kelly Clarkson (145 bpm)
  5. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – Coldplay (131 bpm)
  6. CHRISTMAS IN HOLLIS – RUN D.M.C. (95 bpm)
  8. MY ONLY WISH – Britney Spears (147 bpm)
  9. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU – Mariah Carey (150 bpm)
  10. LITTLE SAINT NICK – The Beach Boys (131 bpm)