A Humble Startup by the Double K


Situated in the hustle and bustle of Petaling Jaya, the direction to Dataran Cascades is unfamiliar but the liveliness is still one of promise. The relation of building entrances with the public space is determinant regarding how everyday life emerges within the area. These days, the population of people who are active in sports are snowballing. You think, as this community of people are lacking awareness of the importance of physiotherapy and pre/post orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation treatment, there is a self-effacing centre summoning up a succour.

In Dynamique Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Centre, it is now the time of light-bulb moment! Running Malaysia sat with the team at Dynamique Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Centre as they shared their knowledge on sports injuries and explained what the professions of Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre do. Kate and Karen educated us on their practice and how they treat patients, and most of all, who benefits from their services.



Kate Lai was then a salesperson selling sports equipment. She often ran her errands to Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN), and there was where she met Karen Yap, a national athlete. After gaining several years of understanding in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation industry, Kate and Karen decided to establish a centre together and have grown Dynamique Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Centre for one and a half years.

The centre is dedicated to delivering integrated health programs and services.

The general manager, Kate was formerly energetic in strenuous running, hiking, and playing badminton. All of these high impact sports made her suffer from consistent knee pain, later on she underwent a knee surgery and went through the post-surgery, her rehabilitation journey. She was able to interpret the significance of a proper procedure than anyone could, in the meantime understood that there were demands for this service in Malaysia.

Having a mutual vision, Karen has been proficient at her metier for four to five years. Similarly, she injured herself. The reason she chose to practice rehabilitation is relevant to her profession as a national sportswoman. When both of them met and came to a commitment in unison, the idea of setting up Dynamique Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Centre was moulded.


Having always been interested in the domain, Kate perceived that the sports community in Malaysia tend to be lacking of consciousness on the injuries they find on themselves. Without a comprehensive information on the common sports injuries, people who are active in sports would not be able to realize the seriousness.

For instances, commonly, runners would experience knee pains, while swimmers would meet back and shoulder aches. However, these injuries are often neglected.

Whenever this type of injury occurs, doctor consultation has also become a ubiquitous phenomenon. “They do not know who they can seek for, therefore they seek for a doctor.” Kate stated. Consuming painkillers is not a right way, as there must be a curative method for sports injuries.

In the centre, 70% of the customers are athletes, sports enthusiasts, teenagers, and elderlies. Parents would send their children to Dynamique Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Centre for endurance training. There are a number of customers visiting the centre for fitness programs. Karen added, “Each time they come, they will come for different programs.” Furthermore, the centre is dedicated to delivering integrated health programs and services, such as employee wellness programs, which are made to match the goals and needs of each workforce, through a combination of health promotion activities, health risk assessments, wellness involvements, and fitness exercises to optimize the health and performance of the workforce.

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