The Rise of Rupert – From hitting rock bottom he reached the top


When some people need to choose one between swim, bike or run.
Rupert, on the other hand, chose all three. It’s not an easy task focusing on not only one but three sports discipline, yet this mechanical engineer cum triathlete manages to stand strong despite the difficulties. Running Malaysia hear directly from Rupert Chen—Malaysia’s pride and joy hailing from Serdang, Selangor—how he started, conquers and succeeds.


RUPERT wasn’t a natural born triathlete. Growing up, this passionate athlete was more involved in Taekwondo. After finishing his degree in Mechanical Engineering he then worked for a corporate company. Working long hours allows him to put some weight, he became more unhealthy, passive and lethargic. Rupert then realizes the consequence he soon needs to face once he gets older if he continues this impassive lifestyle. As what the saying goes, “It’s never too late if you want to change for the better”. It was 7 years ago when Rupert decided to tie his shoelaces again and run.

This determined athlete knows that he’s always up for the challenge. After repeating the same discipline over and over again, Rupert wants something more, something that’s more challenging than running, and something that will push his own limits. Just then, he discovered triathlon—a three-discipline sports. He was so fond of people who can manage to do swim, bike and run with one go. With that simple admiration of triathlon events, an Ironman athlete was born.

His first ever triathlon is in 2009 at Lake Kenyir. “It was quite tough for me, it’s an Olympic distance. I was struggling but I managed to finished the race, with that I already felt like a superstar” Rupert adds laughing. Then his second race is an off-road triathlon, Xterra in Kuantan. “I finished last , yes, I’m that bad before” he again laughs as he remembers those humble beginnings. Rupert recalled his 3rd triathlon was in Port Dickson where he had a double puncture and was considering to give up triathlon for good.

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