A Running Coach, Do We Need It?


Some of you have just decided to start running.

Some of you have just signed up a running event.

But without having the clue of how to run correctly, read on, we will tell you how.

Getting a running coach? Have you ever thought about getting one?  Many people actually ask this question when they start running or train for running at pro level.

Say it, in Master Yoda’s voice……

Here are few lessons on deciding to get a coach or not:

  1. Having someone watching my form, assessing it and giving professional feedback – was the best and the most valuable part of training with a coach. I was well aware of my body imbalances as I video’d myself number of times.
  2. Bringing some fun to the training. Although I used running plans for years, I’d be bored to death reaching the middle of it. I’d delay my runs till the last minute often and will lose all excitement by the tempering phase. A coach changed things on a weekly basis (more often if necessary) still making sure I am training for a long distance race.
  3. Having accountability. This is a major lesson I learnt. Having accountability because you pay more than you are used do. Having a coach definitely made me more responsible. If you are running in a group – you can share all of these too but it is rare to get the answers you are looking for. Rather, runners will share similar experiences and how they overcame them. But you are you. I am different from you.
  4. If you ever had a training plan that is preplanned for you – you will see that the workouts are quite repetitive. When I trained with a coach, no workout was the same – my body was challenged just enough to get stronger and faster, but not over trained.
  5. Learning process. I learnt so much from my coach – that now I often run and observe others and think what can be a solution for improving their stride, speed and strength. I often video myself to check my form (it definitely improved a lot!) – But now I feel I have more knowledge to do something solid about it.
  6. Having a coach gave me a new appreciation of running. It is an art and science in one. To understand it better – you need a mentor or a coach.

So, in Yoda’s wisdom, ask yourself, yay or nay?

Olya Kudryavtseva

I count my blessings every Sunday night, sitting on a small balcony overlooking the beautiful neighborhoods in the greenest area in Kuala Lumpur. I plan new travels almost every day, as the world is such an amazing place if you were to see through its beauty. I consider myself a lucky person and am convinced I did something good in my previous lives. Running and yoga are my two biggest passions. I am the happiest person to have a full-time job teaching it and sharing what I learned over the years. I am the head coach of Skechers Running Academy and a freelance yoga teacher. I am driven by my students’ success and honored to contribute into the health industry in the country I call home for 4 years now. I blog on www.runyogamakan.com about running, yoga and food.