Training Workout Just Got Better


Have you been doing the same workouts over and over again? Want to make your workouts better? How about great?  Just a few changes to your training will make you run stronger and better than ever before. Here’s the tools to show you how.


Tempo workouts increase your ability to hold a hard pace by targeting your acidosis (lactate) threshold, an important physiological marker that represents your fastest sustainable aerobic pace.

  • Good
    5-kilometre run over rolling terrain with many changes in pace
    If you’re a beginner, this is a good workout to get you used to more varied paces.
  • Better
    4 to 5 x 1,500 metres on flat terrain at tempo pace with 1 minute rest
    For intermediate to advanced runners, this workout will specifically improve your ability to hold a hard pace. The rest periods of the interval-style format offers a physical and psychological break.
  • Great 
    7 to 8 continuous kilometres at tempo pace
    Tempo pace is 6 to 9 seconds per kilometre slower than 5K race pace for recreational runners and 15 to 18 seconds per kilometre slower than 5K race pace for highly -trained runners. Subjectively, these runs should feel comfortably hard.


Interval workouts alternates high-intensity efforts with low-intensity recovery periods. They target your cardiovascular system by increasing the volume of oxygen-rich blood your heart pumps with each beat, delivering more oxygen to your muscles. Of all the training methods, interval workouts are the most potent for improving your fitness.

  • Good
    Running each repeat “hard,” such as 4 x 3 minutes hard with 2 minutes easy
    For beginners, these informal interval workouts are good for boosting fitness.
  • Better
    Running each repeat at 5K race pace
    For intermediate runners, more formal interval workouts will prepare you for racing.
  • Great
    Matching the speed of the hard efforts with the purpose of the workout
    For advanced runners, it’s important to know the purpose of the workout so you can train more specifically, because endurance training and speed training require different workouts. The more specific a workout, the better. How do you know what speed to run each type of interval workout? The best interval training to enhance your cardiovascular endurance and your ability to transport oxygen to your muscles is 800- to 1,000-metre repeats (3- to 5-minute work periods) at 2K to 3K race pace. To increase speed, run 8 x 400 metres at 1,500-metre race pace with 2 minutes jog recovery or 5 x 400 metres at 1,000-metre race pace with 3 minutes jog recovery.