Suunto 9 Wins Our Heart


If you are a multisport enthusiast, you definitely need it to keep track of your training, daily activity, and sleep. So are we, we are always out there training and racing. Therefore, a multisport watch with an excellent battery life and high-performer design are definitely what we need, especially for the long-distance race.

There is an abundance of sports watches in the market, but here are 5 reasons why Suunto 9 wins our heart!

1. Comfortable, stylish, top-quality materials

Comfort is the key when it comes to exercising, from the apparels, accessories, to gadgets that you will be carrying and wearing on your body. Premium materials and construction round out this high performer designed and manufactured in Finland. Stainless steel bezel and buttons, sapphire crystal glass, and a robust case are combed with a soft and durable silicone strap for comfortable wear.

2. Long-lasting battery life of 25 to 120 hours

Whenever we hit the track and trail, we usually spend long hours training. From participating marathon to trail running, Suunto 9 is an idyllic multisport watch to note the progress of our mileage and pace. We are satisfied with its generous battery life of 25 hours up to 120 hours with GPS tracking on.

We all know that battery life is often the limiting factor for recording distance and tracks accurately, especially on long ultra runs where the GPS drains your watch’s battery. With Suunto’s FusedTrack, we no longer have to worry about track and distance accuracy!

Did we forget to mention its three predefined battery modes – Performance, Endurance, and Ultra? When you start a recording, you’ll get an estimate of how much battery you have left with the current mode. If it’s not enough, switch to another mode at any time.

3. Our everyday reminder

Aside from Suunto 9’s smart reminders to ensure that we always have enough battery for our training regime, it helps us to remember our activity history. In the midst of our hectic schedule, we can always be notified of what we have left from the previous training session and whether or not the battery mode is ready for the next one.

4. Check notifications with ease

Apart from using it to track running, we particularly love it for its smart mobile connection that keeps us on top of our daily business with incoming call alerts, emails, messages, and notifications to Suunto 9.

For instance, working in a publication organization, it is always inconvenient to constantly check our phone amidst workload. Hence, Suunto 9 helps lessen the hassle. With this watch, we receive notifications 24/7!

5. Suunto app optimizes our training

In addition to keeping a log of our training, daily activity, and sleep, Suunto 9 allows us to pair with the Suunto app (which is available for download from App Store and Google Play) to track our workout sessions.

Not only we can keep an eye on our training summary with graphs and lap tables straight from Suunto 9, but also follow our long-term progress like daily activities and sleep every day. What a relief, right?

In order to encourage and motivate others to join the training, the app enables sharing our running achievements and engaging with others in the Suunto app community as well. If you wish to seek advice from the experts like what we usually do, you can also upload your data to your social media.

Did you know?

If you are not a marathon/trail runner, Suunto 9 is packed with over 80 sports modes and delivers convenient wrist heart rate measurement. The watch comes with full GPS route navigation, sunrise/sunset times and many other great features for athletes and outdoor adventurers.

Suunto 9 is available for sale on the Official Suunto Store on Lazada ( or at Ad Time and Solar Time, and other watch retailers near you.