Meet The Faces Of Royal Sporting House Ambassadors


With stores nationwide that offer a wide selection across sports disciplines from running, training, swimming, and tennis, Royal Sporting House stocks the best sporting apparels, footwear, and accessories you need for the active lifestyle you lead.

Royal Sporting House Malaysia is one of the nation’s foremost sporting goods pioneers with a 20-year track record which is determined to come back stronger with positive impact to strengthen brand position as a multi-brand sports retailer in Malaysia.

In addition to embracing a healthy lifestyle and engaging in the fitness community, Royal Sporting House Malaysia is all set to roll community events in giving back to running and fitness communities with running coaches.

With that being said, Royal Sporting House announced All Rasid, John Oh, and Adele Wong as brand ambassadors which embody of what it means to “You Own It”, Royal Sporting House’s new campaign to inspire men and women to own their bodies, time, and workout on their journey to a healthy lifestyle.


Meet the faces of Royal Sporting House brand ambassadors

The possibilities from different horizon to bring everyone together are definitely endless, namely fitness workshop, fitness related educational content, or video and more. The newly appointed brand ambassadors will be sharing their insights through tips, workout videos, and product reviews to help customers make informed purchases.

We caught up with All Rasid, John Oh, and Adele Wong to get the lowdown on the idea, concept, and contribution behind the Royal Sporting House Ambassador Campaign, what it’s like involving with the fitness industry and working with one of the nation’s foremost sporting goods pioneers.


All Rasid Shariff – A yoga instructor

All Rasid Shariff is a certified yoga instructor and a former triathlon athlete who has found recovery through yoga and is eager to share recovery tips through yoga.

Introduction of yourself.

I quitted my corporate job in the oil and gas industry five years ago. I decided to pursue my passion for fitness and currently, I am a full-time yoga teacher. I have always been an active sportsperson as far as I can remember. I did marathons and triathlons. Unfortunately, I stopped these sports after I injured my shoulder in an obstacle race.

So, I started off this journey by chance. I was introduced to yoga in 2014 to help me with my recovery. After the injury, I was disappointed with myself because I could not do any exercise. Yoga to me was solely a part of my recovery. It wasn’t until 2016 when I decided to teach yoga. Yoga has helped to improve my breathing, flexibility, and sleeping pattern.

Yoga has changed my life. It has opened my eyes by proving to me that there is no limit to human athletic performance.

Why did you accept this campaign and how can this campaign benefit you?

I accepted to be part of this campaign because I was attracted to the tagline – ‘You Own It’. It is something I can relate to. Yoga has changed my life and opened my eyes. Yoga has no limitation to what we can do with our body. With ‘You Own It’, I would like to urge everyone to own your ability by keeping your body moving.

Being an RSH brand ambassador, what can you contribute to this campaign?

As we are moving on to this campaign, I have filmed and shared a number of yoga tips. I will be sharing what I have done with Royal Sporting House on my social media.

What are the benefits of yoga for runners?

Yoga and recovery programs work together to cover all bases. Yoga stretches are essential and effective in muscle recovery. In addition to reducing lactic acid in muscles, yoga also helps to build your inner strength. After a tough run, yoga can be a very beneficial addition to any runner, enhancing aerobic endurance, increasing performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

How would you like to see the program evolve in the future?

I hope, through this program, I will be able to inspire more people to live an active and healthy lifestyle. I also hope that there will be more people to take up yoga, especially men.

What are the plans do you have for the future?

I would love to teach yoga and conduct workshops around the world. Certainly, I would also love to have my own yoga studio in the future.


John Oh – A personal trainer 

John Oh is a fitness coach and personal trainer who has been active in the fitness industry for more than ten years. He started going to the gym in 2005. 

Introduction of yourself.

After quitting my previous job, I decided to focus entirely on fitness training. The reason for doing so was because I didn’t want to make people around me to worry about my health. When I am active, I will minimize the chance of getting sick. Also, I don’t attach to a specific gym. I accept freelance training. Sometimes, I will go to my clients’ house to conduct the training sessions.

Why did you accept this campaign and how can this campaign benefit you?

Royal Sporting House looked for me because of my fitness background. I accepted this campaign because of the vast options offered by Royal Sporting House. The gym is just like a tool which you can use for maintaining your physical fitness. At-home and outdoors workouts are an excellent way to shape up.

Most people have not known that Royal Sporting House is beyond a place that sells sporting goods. So, this campaign would change their mindset. Royal Sporting House is not only a multi-brand sports retailer, but it also provides health and fitness information to the public.

Being an RSH brand ambassador, what can you contribute to this campaign?

Many people want to start working out but they have no idea how and when to start. It is a misconception to think that signing up for gym memberships to start working out is necessary. In fact, some people do not have the time to go to the gym and some people can’t afford the memberships.

There are many types of exercises you can do outside of the gym. From my point of view, I always try to educate people to start by doing simple at-home workouts and understanding how workout works. Through all my workout videos, I hope to inspire more people to start exercising. I will be sharing my fitness routines and workouts together.

How would you like to see the program evolve in the future?

At this moment, I have a nutritionist, Adele to learn from. As a personal trainer, it is important to learn about nutrition too. For instance, an experienced runner definitely knows how strength training can improve running performance, in order to reduce the risk of getting an injury. I hope Royal Sporting House to look for more ambassadors from different fields. So that, every ambassador can reach out and try different sports.

What are the prerequisites for a person to qualify for the campaign?

To become the ambassador, I think he/she must have a strong passion. You need to know what are the right things to do. You need to apply the right things to yourself before sharing the information with others. Most importantly, you have to be the role model for the people.


Adele Wong – A dietician and nutritionist

Adele Wong is dietician and nutritionist by profession. She did her Master’s degree at the University of Sydney. She has always been interested in nutrition so she did my undergraduate in Malaysia and decided to continue with the Master’s degree abroad. Adele finished at the end of 2017. After that, she decided to come back to Malaysia because she saw the need here.

Introduction of yourself.

So I started my own company – Nutrition Track. It’s been a year already. So far, Nutrition Track has targetted corporate and individual clients. Occasionally, I go to corporate lines and conduct workshops, share information and reviews. Sometimes, I conduct one on one consultations.

Why did you accept this campaign and how can this campaign benefit you?

I have always been a Reebok sponsored athlete with Royal Sporting House. As I move on to focusing more on Nutrition Track, I understand I need to be able to be fit and strong as well. Being physically fit is definitely aligned with my job scope. I did not stop running at all, it’s still a big part of my life. Occasionally, I still run with Garmin Squad and conduct a number of community runs.

Being an RSH brand ambassador, what can you contribute to this campaign?

I will be sharing the education and information of nutrition to more people through this campaign. There will be more community-based subjects in the line-up of this campaign. Through my jobs, I can see that nutrition is very immature in Malaysia. Our base is not right, that’s why everyone gets confused. If our foundation is not right, everyone will get misleading information about products and their functions. They will get easily strayed by the marketing of products.

How would you like to see the program evolve in the future?

Hopefully, there will be more people who come from different fitness backgrounds in the team.

What are the prerequisites for a person to qualify for the campaign?

Most importantly, the candidate needs to be qualified in whatever field he/she is in. There are many fitness enthusiasts out there but not all of them are qualified to provide advice to people. Nowadays, information is so easily obtained. Everyone can easily Google anything. I guess, being qualified is the safe way.

It’s not about doing the exercise, it’s about being safe to give to the community. The person has to be able to give advice and incorporate all the different elements in fitness. As a fitness person who is not certified, he/she may not know how to tailor to meet individual requirements. Also, having said that, they need to also play the part. At least, they need to like fitness because people watch what you do.

What do you see yourself in the future?

The ultimate goal is definitely to be a nutrition advisor. Additionally, I hope to gain more reach, more attraction, and more opportunities from people. Many people have asked me when I am planning to expand Nutrition Track, but the fact is that I don’t want to expand because I want to be the only person who is doing the work and talking to clients.

We don’t have enough data in Malaysia on its own by understanding Malaysians what their eating patterns are. I am expecting to be doing that for the next four to five years. Eating is a skill, a fundamental skill that people need to learn. It is important to focus on three things. Firstly, you need to eat to watch your weight. Secondly, you need to eat for your goal and your performance. Lastly, you need to eat the food that you like.

Healthy eating is not just about eating healthy food. There is no food that you cannot eat, but you have to control your diet. For instance, if you feel like eating ice cream, you need to think about how it fits your goal.


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