GPS Multisport Smartwatch? Coros Has Nailed It!


Whether you’re competing in a triathlon, running a marathon, or freestyle swimming, you should never have to worry about your athletic performance. COROS has got you engineered the GPS Multisport Smartwatch with built-in heart rate monitor and barometric altimeter, helping you take your fitness goals one step further.

#COROS PACE GPS Multisport Watch is designed to deliver your performance metrics when you need it most. This premium, lightweight GPS multi-sport watch provides advanced statistics for your running, swimming and cycling activities, all while out-pacing the competition on reliability.

Lightweight design, long-lasting battery life

Not so often do you see a combination of lightweight plus long-lasting battery life, the PACE has both. With an innovative CPU system engineered for power optimization, the PACE will perform up to 30 days in standard mode and up to 25 hours in GPS mode. This lightweight design is the result of COROS ongoing passion for better technology.

Built-in optical heart rate monitor

The PACE features a built-in heart rate monitor that records while swimming, cycling and running. With the COROS App, you can fully customize your zone training by adjusting both your reserve and max heart rate. Along with providing post-training stats, the watch will process this information to provide your calories burned and intensity minutes.

Analyze and improve your performance

With data metrics such as cadence, stride length, pace, stroke rate, and SWOLF – COROS’ unique algorithms will accurately measure your technique. Giving you the tools you need to perform the best you can possibly be.

Prominent and durable watch strap

Every part of the watch matters. COROS picked the best material to build the watch strap which aids the heart rate sensor to provide accurate readings. Available in three different colors, you can select the band of your choice that best fits your personality.

Smart learning stride length

Introducing COROS’ very own, Intelligent Stride Algorithm. This unique algorithm embodies machine learning at its core to record your personal range of motion while running. This will build your very own stride model that will be used for indoor running or areas of a weak GPS signal.

UltraSync technology

COROS UltraSync Technology cuts your average mobile app sync time in half after your workout. So long are the days you have to spend minutes holding your phone, waiting for the data to upload. With full ANT+ connectivity, you can connect ANT+ compatible devices such as a chest strap heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensors, or a power meter to use with the Indoor Cycling activity.

The most reliable location systems

GPS, GLONASS and BDS satellites will work together to quickly locate your position and adjust altitude, even through interference outdoors. It ensures that wherever you are, you can rely on the watch to precisely know your location.


You can fully customize your data screen metrics such as cadence, stride length, pace, stroke rate, and SWOLF. After your workouts, improve your performance by analyzing your workout inside the COROS App with graphical statistics such as pace, cadence, elevation, and heart rate zone activity.

#COROS PACE GPS Multisport Watch is available at

RRP: RM899.