What You Need To Know About ASICS NOVABLAST


ASICS NOVABLAST provides a unique midsole geometry entered for superior bounce.

Designed with a propulsive trampoline effect, this soft and lightweight shoe sits higher off the ground to serve up lasting comfort even over long distances. Its built-in reflective details make the shoe a great pick for low-light conditions.


The midsole design of NOVABLAST takes inspiration from a trampoline, letting the runner perform side by side strides, helping them find an ideal tempo while running.

Unlike all other ASICS shoes, this running shoe contains no GEL cushioning but a large amount of FLYTEFOAM Blast, making it the ASICS shoe with the highest energy return to date. With an energetic bounce, it gives back the most energy to the runner in every step.

Engineered jacquard mesh upper

While the midsole may attract the most attention, the upper on the NOVABLAST deserves a mention.

Designed with soft and lightweight mesh upper, the NOVABLAST delivers excellent airflow and ventilation, keeping your feet cooler and fresher throughout your run.

AHARPLUS rubber outsole

ASICS is using their AHARPLUS rubber which comes with more resistance and traction. It is strategically positioned in critical areas for exceptional durability.

Who is the ASICS NOVABLAST best for?

In overall, this shoe is extremely comfortable to step into, and it is surprisingly soft.

The NOVABLAST fits well for long-distance runners as it’s higher off the ground and promotes lasting comfort over long distances. The cushioning and heel drop is aimed at making the shoe durable.

It comes with a unique cushioning system which reduces the shock during the impact phase, allowing for a smoother transition between running stances.