How To Run Without Hurting Your Knees?


How To Run Without Hurting Your Knees?

Knee pain or runner’s knee condition is commonly discussed in the running world by runners. It is every runner’s worst nightmare as running has a way to make runners feel like they are on the top of the world, till knee pain gets in the way while running. 

Well, if you’re wondering how to avoid the knee from hurting, you have come to the right place! We would love to share with you the tips and tricks of preventing knee pain from running. 

Few factors lead to knee pain, it is often caused by muscular imbalance, poor form, increased mileage, and many others. 

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The best way to avoid knee pain is to adjust your running posture by slightly leaning forward while running, it helps reduce the load placed on the knees, thus, reducing the risks of discomfort and injury at the joint of the knees. 

Another technique to consider is to avoid over-stride and let your knee get ahead of you. When your feet land in front of your knees, you are putting on the brakes with every foot strike, leading to a major impact on your knees. What you can do is learn from your ankle and let you stride open up behind you, let your feet land beneath you instead of in front of you. 

Since, running is a high impact sport that places stress on the knees, getting proper fitted running shoes not only helps you to run faster and longer but may reduce the risk of pain and injury on the knee in the long run. 

More importantly, go for a pair that supports your natural foot type—whether you’re a neutral, high arched, or flat-footed runner as well as putting training intensity, body weight, running terrains, and personal preference as a factor when choosing a new pair of running shoes. 

Also, check if your trainers need to be changed, be sure to replace them regularly as the more miles you run in a pair, the more worn down the shock absorption of the shoe becomes. This will increase the load stress on your legs, resulting in knee pain. 

How To Run Without Hurting Your Knees?

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As a runner, you should consider adding strength training into your training at least once or twice a week. There are certain areas to pay attending when it comes to preventing knee pain, importantly is to strengthen your core and hips. When there’s control in the upper body, the force of shooting through your joint when landing decreases and prevents impact to the knee joints.

A simple tip is to follow the ten percent principle, do not increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent from one week to the next. Your body needs time to adapt to the training, hence, don’t rush through training after signing up for a race. 

How To Run Without Hurting Your Knees?

In short, we encourage runners to understand and listen to their bodies. So, if you’re experiencing knee pain, stop running, and assess what you’re doing. It is important not to over-train and take the necessary rest or recovery that is needed. 

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