Kettler Sling Trainer Pro


We all have that legit excuse of not having enough time, traffic is bad to head to the gym, forgot to bring workout attire and so on.

What if you have that one small handy equipment you can use at home or even when you are traveling. All you have to do is just hook it up to a door and voila you have a total body workout gym and the intensity is your body weight and the angle of your body is your easy or hard resistance.

No more excuses, ease of use, a quick or long total body workout right at the comfort of your home, that’s what the Sling Pro Trainer does for you. It is very affordable too.

The benefit of using the Sling Pro Trainer is endless, and best of all it uses your core all the time. The sling can be shortened or lengthened with a quick adjustment to suit the workout you wish to do. One of the most difficultworkouts at home is the pull up for back exercises as oppose to a push up that you can do anywhere anytime. But overdoing push up can lead to kyphosis, hunched upper back. A balanced back exercise is very important and the Sling Trainer Pro gives you the benefit to do that at home. Start at an easier angle of difficulty and progress to harder by adjusting the angle of your body.

From biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, chest, back, abdominals and just about any workout that’s available in the gym, now you can do it at home with just a piece of “rope”.

To make the workout harder or add circuit training, you just have to combine 2-3 exercises and do one after the other without stop.With the ease of adjustment, there is no stopping to change anything like a dumbbell plate.

It is an amazing must have exercise equipment for anyone be it at home or travel.And hey, you can even use it outdoor by tying it to a tree or pole at the park.

Fitness anywhere without excuses for a better run and better you.
This is the the Kettler Sling Trainer Pro.


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