Zet’s Biz!


What do you call someone who is passionate not just about marathon, but also baking?

MARATHON BAKER! You are right!

The mastermind behind Marathon Baker is a hardworking, and intelligent lady who is called Zet, She named her business a straightforward yet attractive brand after her passion in running, cycling as well as baking.


The Inspiration To Start The Business

The idea of starting up her own business started building up when she participated in Vietnam Mountain Marathon two years ago. She was irritated by the taste of the commercial energy booster that she was taking then. “In my head, I was mulling over my own recipes of energy bars to gratify my appetites.”

She believed that delectable energy bars would make a running day delightful.
In order to provide quality products, Zet sought for help of research classes and guidance from a nutritionist. Based on her perspective on an ideal energy bar, she has aimed to go as organic as possible with no artificial sugar and no preservatives components except a list of natural energy boosters which are equally in good taste and health!

Biggest Challenge

As Zet did endless trials and experienced countless errors, she realized that baking brownie was the hardest because of the warm and hot climate in Malaysia, which chocolate melts when the temperature increases. Generating new ideas has been a part of her business that has led her to work even harder on more trials just to bake the perfect piece!

It is not just about baking, Zet’s daily routines are repetitively disciplined. She wakes up at six o’clock in the morning to start her day in the gymnasium working out her most relaxed moves before she resumes baking at 8 to 12 in the evening. Marathon Baker began as a personal preference to have the yummiest homemade energy bars, and share among friends and family and has since evolved from a limited group into a bigger circle of marathon athletes and cyclists. Zet launched the first batch of energy bars with just 2 to 3 flavours in year 2014, upon publicly posting her products on Facebook and Instagram. Without having a positive expectation, Zet was surprised as the feedbacks from social media responded enthusiastically.

“It was a wow to me to receive overwhelming responses from people not only from Malaysia, but also athletes from Singapore, U.K and U.S.” Zet recalled in her excitement. Marathon Baker has been expanded across the bridge, where consumers from Singapore are collecting their orders from Johor Bahru.

Due to the non-preservative concept, products from Marathon Baker only have a shelf life of 3 weeks. Thus it is not suggested to have their food delivered overseas. However Zet has accepted an invitation to Beach Bunch’s Trail Challenge in Brunei in next February. She is in hope of looking forward to bring more opportunities into her business.

Business Philosophy

“Energy bar, to me, is like a supplement. It boosts my training, makes me conscious of my food intake.” Zet advised that consuming energy bars is susceptible to a better well-being. As a runner herself, she is able to perceive an athlete’s needs such as recipe customization according to consumers’ requests.

It now consists of different teams in Marathon Baker, such as the order takers, the couriers, the photographer, the products packers, and the baker assistants.

Making “Marathon Baker” a true success was a real challenge for her, but she did not give up. Her persistence paid off in the form of an idea that has not only resulted in beneficial effect, but is also helping the consumers to improve their health.

The desire of Zet two years ago became reality, as Marathon Baker has become the most wanted homemade energy bars in Malaysia. With premium ingredients, more runners are switching to Marathon Baker to avoid consuming excessive preservative and sugar that might contain in commercial energy bars.

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