Together Faster


“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together”.

Unlike football, badminton, basketball, running is not a team sport. It is the reason why I take up running in the first place. Running is convenient and liberating as I do not have to gather a number of people, agree on time and place, to run. All I need is a proper running shoes, so I thought, and I have the freedom to run anytime and anywhere I like, leaving all worldly worries behind.

So when a friend invites me to join a running crew, I am skeptical. Running with a group of people is against the reason I start running. There is no joining fee required though, so I tell myself, ‘Kyserun Krew looks so hip. Why not?’ I barely knew anyone the first time I joined their running session but they were all so welcoming. Apart from running itself, there are sharing sessions. The door is open for anyone to share running tips and stories regardless of their running experiences. It is not just a running session, it is a social gathering. It is something that I have not experienced before.

Running can be a chore sometimes but by having people around who share the same passion as mine, running becomes one thing that I look forward to. Soon, the advertised twice-weekly running sessions became insufficient to satiate my addiction. I was not alone though. I found many within the crew who are just as addicted to running as I am. On top of the ‘official’ sessions, few members decided to hold ‘unofficial’ running sessions. Given any day of the week, there will always be crew members running.

After spending a lot of time running together, a camaraderie is created. We share everything from running stories and tips, nutrition, running gears, shoes, running events, and many others. Alongside camaraderie, a rivalry is also formed. Gone are the days when I spent hours scrolling through Facebook and Instagram feeds. If I am not running, I find myself regularly on Strava, a social network for athletes. My competitive nature gets the better of me every time I saw other crew members logged their runs on Strava. Thanks partly to the rivalry, I spend more time running and along the way improve my fitness level. This rivalry is what keeping me to push harder.

Rivalry is never seen as a detriment in Kyserun Krew. In fact, the importance of camaraderie and healthy rivalry are embraced and encouraged. Kyserun Krew has hosted many challenges among crew members to promote healthy rivalry. Apart from that, Kyserun Krew has also participated in many challenges against other local and international running clubs.

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