Khoo and Koay – Their Will Has Been Tested


In a world full of temptations—from being addicted to high-calorie foods down to repetitive slacking instead of doing your fitness routine—willpower is one of the most coveted human strengths. With that being said, Under Armour launched its first ever urban fitness challenge called “Test of Will”. UA aims to push further the outer limits of strength and endurance of those will-driven athletes, goal-getters and fitness aspirants.

A higher purpose at its core. U.S. high-performance sports apparel Under Armour stands for persistently overcoming obstacles and becoming winners on respective fields. The brand essence conveyed through concepts of being an underdog, being hungry, competing against the best then achieving victory. Its tagline “I Will” captures this passion, intensity, and drive. To further enhance this power, Under Armour brought Test of Will to Malaysia in a two-day event celebrating human performance, functional fitness and training lifestyle. Test of Will is the most advanced Asia-wide urban challenge participated by 6 countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei.

On its second edition after its successful debut last year, Test of Will offers everyday athletes the chance to compete in a simple 4-minute trial in their local Heats. Everyone will complete a 4-minute circuit consisting of functional training exercises to challenge your strength, endurance, and power. You will score one point for each rep completed. The competitor with the highest score at the end of the Heats in each country will go straight to the Finals. The circuit challenge comprises of four sets of these exercises:

  • Burpees
  • One Arm Thruster (10kg For Men, 5kg For Women)
  • TRX Rows
  • Sandbag Throw (20kg For Men, 10kg For Women)

The highest-scoring man and woman of the national heats from respective countries faced-off each other which happen to take place last May 6 here in Kuala Lumpur. The winners of the Heats went over to the Finals where they fought it out for a cash prize of S$2,500.

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