Review: Salming Greyhound Shoe


Salming might not sound familiar, but it has definitely delighted us with some of its features that have enhanced our running performance. Allow us to say, the bold and strong design and style of Salming Greyhound Shoe has left a great first impression.

First of all, we were impressed by Salming’s new hard surface. Initially, we took it out for a short recreational run, for about 5 to sometimes, 10 kilometers and it functioned really well in the foot. Running on any tarmac surface has definitely put us in a state of astonishment.

What we like about Salming Greyhound Shoe

The Greyhound outsole is developed together with Vibram and features the XS Trek compound which is 25% more durable compared to Salming’s regular lightweight outsole compound.

This is Salmings most durable performance outsole material to date and provides extreme durability and traction combined. It has a racing slick design with minimized outsole pattern for excellent traction on dry and wet hard surfaces such as tarmac, asphalt, and concrete.

Additionally, the Greyhound midsole, Recoil PLUS provides an incredible 20% higher energy return, making it Salmings most reactive compound.

The Greyhound upper has an advanced simplicity to it, both visually and performance wise. The main body upper contains a lightweight one piece 3 layer construction that holds the foot in place, provides great breathability and a snug fit.

The tongue construction features a gusset construction to add to the comfortable wrap-around feel and the laces are racing thin.

What we dislike about Salming Greyhound Shoe

Occasionally, the tips of the toes would get sweaty every time we wore them running or walking. The toe box seems to be tight and unbreathable, despite Salming claims that it is roomier for more possibility to expand.

After several runs, the toe box also became quite hard and stiff. In addition, the combination of the harder plastic that covers the toe cap, and what feels like a double layer of fabric inside the toe area, adds even more pressure.


Albeit the narrow and tight toe box, Salming Greyhound is still a satisfactory running shoe for our everyday runs. It is one of the most cushioned shoes we have run in. We absolutely appreciate the Vibram outsole and Recoil foam. The energy return is certainly impressive. Last but not least, the kind of traction that has made us feel cool and smooth on different kinds of surfaces.