Amateur runner’s experience of running first marathon


Many casual runners would probably think twice or having sleepless nights before joining a full marathon as it is one of the most challenging endurance sports in the globe.

Before committing to joining an event, excitement, anxiety and curiosity will surely appear in the mind of a runner.

Firstly, it’s not an easy task to run a full marathon, which is equivalent to the world’s official distance of 42.195km.

Many others mostly do not understand how far those marathoners have come through a long way before reaching a certain targeted pace.

Sweat, endurance, time management for training and dieting play a pivotal part for a runner’s achievement.

Therefore, do not envy those marathoners’ remarkable feat of completing the 42.195km but strive to learn from their success and emulate them.

Running a full marathon requires a runner’s passion and he or she must be mentally and physically ready to run from the starting point till the finishing line.

Always remember that there’s no shortcut or any easy path for that to happen.

With this, Running Malaysia features a short sharing and a valuable experience by Edmund in running his first marathon in 2016.

According to him, he had always joined a series of running events to stay fit and healthy.

“When I joined any of the running competitions, I’m aiming to finish the run in a qualifying time.

“It has since been a norm for me to join any competitive running ever since I started to run during my teenage days,” he says.

He relates that after joining for many runs over the years, finally he had made up his mind to go for Penang Bridge International Full Marathon in 2016.

At first, he was reluctant to go for the 42.195km distance of the run. However, after being persuaded by friends and fellow ‘running kakis’, he finally gave it a try.

“I would say that I’m glad to be able to finish the run within the qualifying timing. Although it’s not the timing, the hard work and perseverance have paid off.

“The training routine needs to be uplifted and we need to have a different kind of training coupled with physical and strength training,” he says.

“Try to take more carbo-based of foods and liquid-based of drink a few weeks before the race”

Photos credit:
Jeffrey Teo
Zahid Zidane