How to breathe properly when running


Breathing is an utmost important aspect when it comes to running as it is one of the techniques that keeps you running without any hassle and most importantly getting rid of the tiredness.

When running through a race or even a marathon event, a proper breathing technique will ensure you keep on running till the finishing line.

The best way to breathe while running is to inhale and exhale using both nose and mouth.

Breathing through these nose and mouth will keep your breathing steady and engage your diaphragm for oxygen intake. By doing this, you can expel carbon dioxide in a proper manner and quickly.

Hence, breathing is tantamount when you’re running as it can cause you to be short of breath and feel sluggish plus weak if you’re breathing in the wrong way.

When you want to improve on your stamina after hitting plateau or trying to maximise your performance, it’s important to improve breathing technique.

For instance, many may ask, is it better to breathe through the nose or mouth?

Well, if you’re out for a leisure run at a slower pace, try and consider using nasal breathing. From this, you can inhale through your nose and exhale from mouth.

You can also try to catch up your breath through your mouth if you’re in a conversation or are on a high intensity training.

The benefit of inhaling and exhaling through your mouth ensures that more oxygen is able to enter your body and it helps to relieve the tension in your jaw.

Try to take time to concentrate your effort to improve on your breath apart from improving your pace.

Breathing helps to enhance lung function and develop breath awareness.