What is Running Malaysia?


“Who is Running Malaysia Magazine?” We are the first-ever running magazine in Malaysia that provides all readers a one-stop platform that puts forward the best interest for all runners. On our website, it is filled with enriching information on running for all levels, be it for leisure, fitness, or professional races.

But that’s not all! Running Malaysia Magazine contains several comprehensive and informative articles about the latest running events and news in Malaysia, nutritional facts, gadget features, and many more that will prepare you for your next run or workout session. In Running Malaysia Magazine, we do not limit ourselves, we set out to target an open market such as the public to learn more about running and continue encouraging people to take on a healthy lifestyle. 

Our approach using the ‘magazine’ is because it is a platform that provides a great source of information and entertainment. People who are regular magazine readers tend to be the most informed people. Especially online magazines, people are on social media regularly in this day and age, hence it’s increases easy engagement and accessibility. The choice of the subject matter of the magazine is completely up to you to decide! 

In Running Malaysia Magazine, our vision is to be Malaysia’s premier running magazine that provides editorial content focused on running, fitness, nutrition, and wellness for enthusiastic runners, amateurs, and the public across the nation.

Who are WE?

We are a group of sports enthusiasts who aspire to build and unite the ever-growing Malaysian running community and promote ‘Running as a Lifestyle’ to all people. We hope to continue to make a difference in society through our magazine. We also believe in the importance of advocating people about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, something that is fairly important in today’s society. In fact, basic exercise improves physical fitness and overall health as it can help to manage stress, boost your daily mental, and reduce the risk of diseases. Don’t Wait, Start Now!

“Are you currently thinking what can Running Malaysia Magazine offer to you?” Well, as mentioned, we do not only cater to runners specifically but to all athletes and the public who are looking into fitness. We provide general and detailed insights for our readers to enjoy.

In our magazine, we offer the latest news and events that are happening across the nation which will provide runners insights into what is happening in Malaysia’s running community. Our news can vary from where runners can read up on the recent Malaysia’s sporting events, general sport-related news such as the newly launched running shoes and apparel, gadgets, and many more into a fun and engaging read up such as ‘The best holiday gifts for athletes’ or inspirational stories from world-class athletes. We are not one to be limited to share other sports-related news!

Speaking of an inspirational story, Running Malaysia Magazine features multiple athletes, sharing the personal stories that they have encountered during their running journey. You will be taking a deeper dive into an athlete’s world when you read their stories. Most of our interviewees are our local Malaysian which makes their story engaging and relatable, as they could be your family, friend, or even your nearby neighbour. We believe that sharing other people’s stories will inspire other people more, as it’s relatable and genuine. We hope to encourage and inspire people that running is for everyone.

In Running Malaysia Magazine, we believe in sharing other people’s brand story which will benefit and bring knowledge to readers. We have featured home-grown brands like The Marathon Company, The Greenies, and Marathon Bakers to name a few. At Running Malaysia, we believe and are passionate about supporting our local businesses and growing the industry as a whole. The brands we feature embody and share the same beliefs we have, which is to ultimately grow in this industry, together.

Our Unique Ability!

One of the unique things our website offers is the ‘Training’ category where we have lots of information on making your training more effective based on expert advice and insights. The information we offer is of use to all, be it for beginners or experienced runners on all kinds of terrain. Moreover, we split our ‘Training’ category into 3 parts mainly ‘Get Fit with Nikkifit’, ‘Rocktape’, ‘Run-Spine-Run’, and ‘The Running Coach’ where our readers can easily find topic-specific articles to read. So even if you’re new to running, Running Malaysia Magazine is here to provide you a vast amount of knowledge on running!

Let us guess, at some point, you have asked yourself these questions, “Is my diet really working?”, “Is a no-meat diet really effective?”. Well, we have the answers for you. In Running Malaysia Magazine, we offer insightful nutritional facts and cooking ideas for you! Contrary to popular belief, you can eat healthy without breaking the bank. Healthy eating is not always expensive, in fact, if planned well and done right, you could in fact save money. Nutrition is an important aspect of an individual’s life besides just physical activity, as it can help reduce the risk of diseases and maintain an individual overall health. We can help you gain that knowledge on nutrition with just a swipe of a finger.

Now let’s be honest, when running in a race, how you look is the last thing in your mind, but feeling good is key! This means getting the right shoes, clothes, and gear for your run is essential. In Running Malaysia Magazine, we know the importance of these aspects, thus we provide you the ‘Shoe Finder’ category where we feature running shoes such as Asics, Saucony, Puma, Nike, Adidas, and others. It allows readers to explore different running shoes in the market with detailed information on particular shoes. On top of that, we also have articles based on running apparel and gears to ensure you get the best outcome from your run. So if you’re new to running, we are here to help you find the best supportive and comfortable pair of runners or new clothes that suit your specific needs and desire to get out there.

Up till here, we are happy to say Running Malaysia Magazine provides amazing information on running to readers. As we want to encourage our readers to explore further into running through our online magazine. Don’t fret if you’re new to running, the information we have is made easy to understand.

But, “Want more you say?” Well besides sports articles, we have started our very own new online marketing packages since 1st July 2020 mainly catered to corporates and event organizers, it consists of two platforms which are ‘The Sportsman Management’, and ‘Cycling Malaysia Magazine and Running Malaysia Magazine (CMRM)’ which currently has up to more than 200K followers. These are the best platforms in Malaysia to promote your brand and products for sports enthusiasts alike. We offer three types of packages being package A ‘Facebook Posting’, package B ‘Products E-commerce with the inclusion of product introduction and marketing’, and package C ‘Facebook Live Stream or Branding or Product Interview’ to our interested customers. We are motivated to help your brand and product to create a broader and accurate promotion. Our main goal is to allow local sports media to shine and continue contributing to society and Malaysia. 

The excitement does not stop here! In 2021, we will be developing an e-commerce platform especially for you to access and purchase products online, so you can conveniently grab what you will need for your runs.  So stay tuned!

What’s Our Purpose?

If you ask us, “What’s our purpose?” The ultimate goal for Running Malaysia Magazine is that we want to help provide simple knowledge and educate people about running and healthy living. As we believe many people do struggle to make a lifestyle change in today’s society due to busy work schedules, work commitments, or even just having the motivations and knowledge to start. We aspire to help you make that lifestyle change you want as seamless and as smooth as possible without having to look everywhere to find the answers you need. 

It may be a challenging process but think of it as an evolution rather than a resolution. We want to encourage people to start small, focusing on one behavior at the time and getting support from a community, and through our articles, we can help you achieve the utmost effective workout session, run session, and other health-related goals. Don’t be discouraged and compare you progress with someone else’s, remember different people have different progress rates, take it as added motivation for you to achieve your goals. 

To keep it short, Running Malaysia Magazine would like to be part of your journey by providing various tips and tricks and even facts on kick-starting your running journey into a healthier lifestyle!