How Running Can Reduce Anxiety and Stress In This Pandemic?


Due to the recent pandemic, it has put many of our regular fitness schedules out of whack. As runners, you will have the advantage during this period of time, as many gyms, group exercises, or contact sports have been restricted due to concerns of the pandemic.
Running is the safest and most effective form of exercise to maintain your fitness and mental health during the lock down period while maintaining proper safety measures and protocols.
Staying physically active is important because it can reduce stress and anxiety, prevent weight gain, boost the immune system, and improve sleep.
Thus, we highly recommend running to keep active. And here are some reasons why you should start running during the pandemic period.

How Running Can Reduce Anxiety and Stress In This Pandemic?

1.Boost Immune System

Firstly, running help boosts the immune system, as our heart starts pumping during a run, the increase in blood flow helps speed up the circulation of White Blood Cells throughout our body. This may help our body to detect and quicken the response to viruses and other pathogens. A healthy body equals a healthy mind.

2.Avoid Depression and Anxiety

Exercise such as running helps to clear the bloodstream of stress-related chemicals and mechanically relaxes our muscles. It regulates and releases chemicals in our brains that are associated with feeling good. In fact, it is similar to the feeling of ‘runner’s high’. It allows us to avoid depression and anxiety symptoms.

3.Increase Our Vitamin D

How Running Can Reduce Anxiety and Stress In This Pandemic?

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Moreover, running is a way to get exposed to sunlight which helps to increase our Vitamin D. It has a positive impact on stress and anxiety symptoms. Sun exposure increases serotonin and helps you stave off from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which reduces anxiety and depression. During the pandemic period, we recommend spending 20-30 minutes outside for a light run or brisk walk is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D and boost your mood.

4.Improve Sleep Quality

Running tends to regulate sleep and improve sleep quality, and getting a good night’s sleep daily has been found to boost your immune system, daily mood and it has a positive effect on reducing stress and anxiety. A well-rested individual makes you able to tackle the day’s stress more effectively, when you’re tired you are easily agitated and impatient, which increases stress.

Overall, as a runner, many have led a healthy and active lifestyle, being cooped up at home may be hard on our sanity. Thus, we encourage people to have a short run or walk outside, it can help clear your heads and give a sense of purpose to your days. It is as simple as spending time outside and taking a breath of fresh air.

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In short, exercising improves overall mental health which includes reducing anxiety, depression, and negative moods and by improving self-esteem, and keeping you motivated throughout your day. The easiest exercise to pick up is running, so what’s stopping you from being physically active?

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