5 Effective Running Plans For Weight Loss


Have you been running often but just not seeing the results you want?

As a runner, you may expect to shed the extra pounds quickly as a result of your efforts. Running can burn calories and yields many fitness and health benefits, but you may find it harder to lose as much weight as you may have thought.

Some runners experience an initial boost of weight loss at the beginning, before realizing that the rewards plateau over time despite their best efforts. It normally tapers off unless you have a running plan.

Thus, we would want to educate runners who are struggling, with these 5 effective running plans for weight loss.

1. Go Long

Firstly, to lose weight much effectively is to add a longer time on your feet at an aerobic pace, where you can carry on a conversation, that is going to help you burn fat.

You can start by slowly adding more distance and time to your run. For instance, increasing from a 30 minutes run to a 35 minutes run or a 3km to a 4 km run. Also, keep in mind to not increase your mileage too much, too soon. As your body may not be used to the change, leading to a high risk of injury, fatigue, and soreness.

Feel free to add or adjust more time or distance each week at your own comfortable pace.

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2. Cross Train To Add Hours

If you are a beginner runner who normally goes for runs three times each week, consider adding an extra workout or two of cross-training to your schedule. Cross-training workouts include going for a brisk walk, cycling, or swimming.

The reason being, you may be able to hit a couple of miles worth of running at a time before your body feels sore and tired. Thus, looking into other activities to increase your overall hours and energy will aid your weight-loss goals.

Cross-training moves your body in a different motion than running, so you can strengthen your muscle and smooth out any imbalances.

5 Effective Running Plans For Weight Loss

3. Mix up workouts


Developing a routine is a key to losing weight, but if you aren’t the type of person who favors the idea of running 5km or a 30 minute run at the same time each day, mixing up workouts can keep you engaged as you work towards your weight-loss goal.

Keeping your workouts varied can be as simple as performing different forms of cardio or interval training.

Moreover, changing your routines can prevent your muscles from adapting to familiar exercises leading to a plateau that slows your weight-loss progress.

5 Effective Running Plans For Weight Loss

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4. Add body weights exercises

A study has shown functional high-intensity training can help improve blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity, which is essential to weight-loss.

Thus, incorporating short circuits of bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, burpees, and jumping jacks before, during, and after easier runs will improve metabolism, allowing your body to burn fats efficiently.

5 Effective Running Plans For Weight Loss

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5. Eat Enough

Lastly, nutrition plays an important factor in the weight-loss equation.

Avoid eating too little throughout the day and overdoing calorie deficit as it may cause injury or halting weight loss because the body goes into starvation mode, at worst people may fall into binge eating, leading to weight gain.

Make sure to fuel your body sufficiently during, after, and before runs by including quality food fuels such as carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.

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