5 Guides To Enjoy Running


“Have you been having thoughts that made you find running harder than usual?” Such as I hate running, it’s too hard, or it’s too far. Sounds familiar? It is a mental barrier of every runner, at least once in a while.

For many people, running may feel like a difficult chore. As much as running can be an amazing stress reliever and a step to better physical health, it can also be challenging both mentally and physically.

We understand that starting a running routine can be intimidating, discouraging and uncomfortable in many ways. Thus, here are 5 guides to shift your entire attitude towards
running that will make you learn to enjoy running.

5 Guides To Enjoy Running

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1. Start where you are

Firstly, start from where you are based on your fitness and experience level and progressively build up based on how your body is responding to the training. For instance, if you’re completely new to running, start with walking 30 minutes four times per week, then begin to add running for seconds within your walks, 30 seconds of running followed by 2 to 3 minutes of walking.

However, if you are fit, but not a runner, try performing interval workouts 2 to 3 times per week. For example, running 1 to 2 minutes at a constant pace, and following each running interval with at least double of the time in walking as a recovery. As it gets easier for you, add more running time into your intervals and reduce the recovery walking time.

Avoid pushing yourself over the limit when your body isn’t ready for the challenge, you will end up quitting before you’re done.

5 Guides To Enjoy Running

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2. Make running friends

The best way to enjoy running more is to be open, vulnerable and surround yourself with other runners or people who are new to running.

Research shows that when we exercise socially with other people, we can go farther and faster. So what are you waiting for? Find a running buddy, a running group or join a training program, it will change your perspective of running to be more fun and enjoyable.

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3. Mix things up

To avoid plateaus and getting bored from running every day, try adding in more variety of
workouts in your running program such as strength training, Zumba, cycling or classes at the gym.

If you are new to exercising, you can start with a run-walk routine 3 times per week on alternate days, then add in more activities once you are comfortable. Importantly, remember to give your body breaks in between your exercises to allow the body time to recover and grow stronger. Optimal recovery is important for overall fitness and

4. Let your body be your guide

Next, for running to be more enjoyable, the key is to listen to your body rather than competing with your running partner. As everyone learns to run at a different pace, some may take weeks and for others may take up months for the body to get used to it.

Hence, it is crucial to listen and understand your body’s limit. If you start to feel fatigued and have aches and pain, it could mean that you’re progressing too quickly and need to slow down for the body to adapt, or that you may be running too fast too soon. Consider modifying your running plan and take breaks when red flags show, as it may halt your entire running program.

5 Guides To Enjoy Running

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5. Patience

Lastly, running is not an easy thing to be consistent long term, it will take time to develop your running regimen. However, anything that is worthwhile in life takes time, effort and focus. Whenever you feel like you’re not making progress, remind yourself of your goals. It could be as simple as ‘I want to lose weight’. Write it down and understand that each run is progress towards your ultimate goal.

Have patience and the result will show. Then you will enjoy the journey and learn to love
running along the way.

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