Rocking Postural Correction


A danger commonly faced while out for your daily workouts is poor postural positioning. Have you ever found yourself slouching too much to one side of your body or maybe feeling a bit more weight on a particular side? In raising kinesthetic awareness, this issue shall guide you on how to apply RockTape to aid in holding the body in the correct position through your workout. This will also provide the nervous system with stimulation qualities of the tape, effective at off-loading muscles or joints placed under the strain.


Thoraco-Lumbar Facet Syndrome Method

Start by flexing the trunk 10-30 degrees. Apply two stabilization tapes from the iliac crest to the lower rib cage, as shown. Resuming to resting posture after applying the tapes will give the individual an increased awareness of spinal extensions due to the added (anterior) stimulation of the abdominal fascia. In response, effects of the spinal extension can be reduced, resulting in decreased facet aggravation.

Frontal Plane Correction – Disc Antalgia Method

The stabilization tape in the postural correcting system is applied with the body segment in the opposite direction of the presenting position. Lateral listing to right due to disc pain will be preloaded by laterally flexing to the left and taping the left lateral chain with no stretch to the tape.

The picture depicts the entire lateral chain taping method. The taping practitioner may decide to only tape local lateral chain to affect a specific region.

Rotational / Lateral Trunk Correction Method

  1. Rotational Correction: Begin by counter rotating (as tolerated) away from current posture.
    Right Rotation Correction: Start stabilization tape from left shoulder (AC) extending to contralateral Gluteal region while maintaining the left rotation, with little to no stretch on tape.
    Left Rotation Correction: Opposite procedure as above.
  2. Lateral Correction: Begin by laterally flexing (as tolerated) away from current posture.
    Right Lateral Flexion Correction: Start stabilization tape from left shoulder girdle to ipsilateral Gluteal region while maintaining the left laterally flexed position, with little to no stretch on tape.
    Left Lateral Flexion Correction: Opposite procedure as above.

 Upper Cross Syndrome Method

  1. Begin with establishing intended posture. While maintaining that position, apply stabilization tape from the anterior portion of the AC joint to the lower angle of the scapula. Repeat the procedure on the other shoulder girdle.
  2. Apply decompression tape with middle stretch, bisecting the two stabilization strips at the mid rhomboid region area. Stretch tape 50-75% in middle, with little to no stretch at ends.


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