Take Pains, Tape Pains


Nothing throws you off from running more than the pains in your feet. The ache and stiffness can really just get you off your game. Why not tape up your feet with RockTape for a more protected and secured run? It causes no discomfort, and neither does it affect your performance. Instead, it helps you to mend on the move. Tape up for a better start to your run and kick that foot pain to the curb. Here’s how:

Bunion (1st MTP) Pain

  1. Apply light stretch to target area by laterally flexing toe toward outside of the foot (to tolerance). Apply stabilization strip (1”) starting from distal phalangeal joint, across the medial aspect of arch, behind the calcaneus, ending at the lateral aspect of foot.
  2. By cutting a small window into the decompression strip (1”), apply tape over area of pain (typically 1st MTP).

Metatarsal Pain

  1. Place foo into dorsiflexion and apply stabilization strip from calcaneus to metatarsal heads.
  2. Maintain foot dorsiflexion and extension/abduction of toes. Apply a 1” decompression strip over the transverse arch with little to no stretch.


Heel Pain

  1. Begin by assessing position of calcaneus (heel). If heel is pointing inward, commence with foot in plantar position. Place anchor of stabilization strip on the inner part of heel (medial aspect). While dorsiflexing foot, apply light tension from inside out, ending the stabilization strip on the outer part of the heel/ankle (lateral aspect). For a heel that points outwards, reverse the taping application from lateral to medial (out to in).
  2. Apply decompression strip in a similar fashion as the stabilization strip. Depending on the orientation of the heel, the decompression strip could go from medial to lateral or vice versa.
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