3,726m Up – An Adventure That Goes Beyond Physical Abilities


The Word Beauty Doesn’t Even Start To Describe What’s Up There. The View Is What Best Described As A Fictional Experience – Like Something You Would See From An Animation Film. Taking On This Hike Will Test Your Mental Strength More Than It Would Your Physical Abilities, But Oh Man, The End Result Will Be Such A Glorifying Thing That You’ll Find Yourself Tearing Up With Joy!

Pack light and pack smart cause’ where we’re going, you wouldn’t want that excess weight on your back. This really is an once-in-a-lifetime experience! If you’re ready, follow us on this journey as we take you through every nook-and-cranny of the adventure.

Setting Off For Indonesia

Sitting in the airport waiting for the plane to take the group over to Lombok, an Indonesian island east of Bali, you would be flooded with a mixture of nerves and excitement as you’re trying to anticipate what’s you’re about to experience once you’re over there. It starts with “Did I pack enough?” to “I wonder if my camera has enough battery for this…” and once the plane touches down in Lombok, the heat over there would hit you like an oven.

Here’s a very handy tip for you if you’re looking to take on this trip; register yourself and the group for a group package with a hiking agency specializes in Mount Rinjani. The agency we hired knows the business and hikers so well that we were given a very comfortable bed, air conditioning, and even a good hot shower before began our journey. Don’t get too comfy though because once you go into the jungle, say goodbye to all of that and HELLO to Mother Nature!

Trek To Hilltops

Walking into the mouth of the entrance, you’re surrounded by greeneries, view of the mountains, and everything beautiful that nature could offer you. Looking up towards the mountains, the thought that would most instantly rush into your head would be

“How on Earth am I going to get up there?!”

It takes about a good hour and a half or two, depending on your speed, to reach the start of the first mountain– and mind you, there are 5 of them to be climbed that day, with each elevating higher and more challenging than the one before.

Be sure to keep yourself hydrated as the climbs could be pretty tricky and physically challenging. Your perseverance would be the reward of the scenery – the higher you climb; you would get further INTO the clouds! How exciting to see clouds directly in front of your eyes and feel the cold breeze grazing against your face! For the first three mountains, you wouldn’t really require your jackets and wind breakers yet and the cooling blows of the winds as it would help you to relax as your body starts to heat up. Our team was geared up with Columbia Midweight Stretch Long Sleeve Baselayer Half Zip Shirt, Columbia Outdry® Ex Gold Tech Shell Jacket, Columbia Bugaboo™ II Pant and Columbia Ventfreak Mid Outdry all-conditions hiking shoes.

The Columbia Midweight Stretch Long Sleeve Baselayer Half Zip Shirt is a good companion as it can serve as a baselayer when temperature is low and as a standalone at other times or during workouts and recreation. It is advisable for you to take breaks in between and keep drinking water as you go. If you have salt packets, best to have them on you as you’ll find yourself exhausted before you hit the 4th mountain. Sweets are advisable too, to feed your sugar intake as you exert more energy. It is advisable for you to take breaks in between and keep drinking water as you go. If you have salt packets, best to have them on you as you’ll find yourself exhausted before you hit the 4th mountain. Sweets are advisable too, to feed your sugar intake as you exert more energy. Open your eyes – you’ll see the magnificent sight of the sunset and the clouds beneath your feet. It gets dark up there by around 7.30pm so get your rest after a good hearty meal cause’ you will definitely need it when you make your way up the summit. Another 1,100m-ish in elevation to go till you meet the top!

Dig, Crawl, Fight

As tough as it may be for you to wake up early after a day of pure hard work, the best time to start the journey to the summit would be around midnight or 2am. Reason being that you will also want to reach the top before 6am to catch the sunrise! It would be pretty cold around that hour so suit up with your jackets or windbreakers and get out your hiking poles cause’ it’s a long way to the top, and it isn’t going to be easy.

We suited ourselves with the Columbia Outdry® Ex Gold Tech Shell Jacket to keep ourselves warm. The waterproof yet breathable Titanium Outdry® Ex Gold Tech Shell is like a breathable body armor for us. The jacket is constructed with the OutDry™ Extreme fabric technology that the rugged exterior is an incredibly water-tight membrane with millions of microscopic perforations that let water vapor escape through a wicking membrane directly fused to the shell. Invest in a good breathable jacket is essential. You do not want your body to be soaking wet with your own sweat while conquering the peak yet having to keep your jacket on to shield yourself from cold winds.

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”

is exactly the right quote for whoever takes on Mount Rinjani. The higher you climb, the thinner the air gets, and the paths are dangerously slippery and narrowing. The Omni -Grip™ non-marking traction rubber outsole of the Columbia Ventfreak Mid Outdry all-conditions hiking shoes, that we were on, did the job when we needed most. The lightweight midsole and superior cushioning provided added support as we scale the peak. You will reach a state whereby you will have to use your will power over brute strength to keep pushing. The elevation gets pretty steep coming to about 2 hours into the hike – like a never ending staircase that you had to walk up back in school. After this experience, 300m to the top would never feel the same again; “so close, yet so far” would exactly right!

That’s because the last few hundred meters to the summit isn’t gravel anymore; you’re now walking on volcanic ashes! This would be the case of “2 steps up, 1 step down” as you will be sliding down after a few steps. The Columbia Bugaboo™ II Pants with internal adjustable leg gaiter and reinforced cuff guard are perfect at this time to prevent volcanic ashes getting into your hiking boots. The cuff guard serves as an external protection while the leg gaiter seals all gaps that might have between the pants and hiking boots. Keep fighting, keep pushing, and stay strong for once you meet the summit, you will feel a magnificent sweep of joy and accomplishment! You have done it, you have fought and won! Tears would most definitely stream down your face as you look below you and see what feats you have risen over.

Up there you’ll see Gunung Barujari, a recently erupted volcano that is a 6-by-8.5km caldera on top, and the crater lake known as Segara Anak that goes on about 2,000m, and so much more! The view is breathtaking; glorious even – but most importantly, you have successfully completed the toughest hike in Southeast Asia!