Outdoor, Our Training Ground! The North Face’s Fully Enhanced “Spirit Of Outdoor Training”


Go Beyond Conventional Forms Of Sports Training While Connecting With Nature. Leading Global Outdoor Gear Brand “The North Face” Is The Pioneer Of The “Outdoor Training” Trend That Is Taking The World By Storm! Outdoor Training Was Introduced To Asia In 2016 And Instantly Gained The Widespread Attention Of Outdoor And Sports Enthusiasts. As More People Came To Know About Outdoor Training, And With The Promotion Of Free Outdoor Training Events, More And More Members Of The Public Have Since Joined The Ranks Of Outdoor Training, Making Use Of Outdoor Areas As Their Training Grounds And Training In Nature Anytime, Anywhere.

Training was done in gyms in the past, where both space and time were limited. Now, you can train anytime, anywhere.

Outdoor Training: Anytime, Anywhere – The North Face: Revitalizing The Trend Countrywide

Outdoor Training is one of the most natural and healthy training methods conducted outdoors. Sports becomes even more exciting and enjoyable through Outdoor Training. Outdoor Training differs from indoor training not only because it is conducted in a different environment. Outdoor Training also helps you to overcome your various limitations so that you can establish good exercise habits, thereby enhancing your overall performance in the five major areas of strength, balance, core training, agility, and athleticism. Unpredictable outdoor conditions will also help you to realize your potential and challenge your physical and mental limits. This stimulation is also one of the most appealing aspects of Outdoor Training.

The North Face officially introduced the concept of “Outdoor Training’, which has already swept around the world, into Asia this April, and invited the US professional outdoor training team “November Project” to hold training sessions. They toured a large number of cities around the country to demonstrate the correct postures for outdoor training. This was warmly received by many outdoor training and sports enthusiasts. The North Face subsequently went on to organize free outdoor training events across Asia including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines.. Training events are planned for more countries in the second half of the year.

Training was done in gyms in the past, where both space and time were limited. Now, you can train anytime, anywhere. Back then, the only way to increase the training intensity was by using professional equipment. But you can now make use of the outdoor environment near you for training anytime and anywhere. Outdoor trainers have started looking for their own outdoor training grounds. People can be seen training at all times and anywhere – in the early mornings or at night, using park benches, flower beds, roadside railings, trees, streetlights and stairs, decorative marble statues, wooden bridges, low walls inside residential areas… Some are training hard for a six-pack, some are trying to defy gravity, and some are challenging each other in teams. Cool photos of outdoor training have exploded on the internet and social platforms, attracting more people to become part of the new wave.