Bem-Vindo Ao Macau!


Olá! The second edition of Running Malaysia triumphing over Macau International Marathon 2016 was back on track!

If overcoming with reminiscences of the days in Macau was hardly gotten rid of, words and photos would arise to the rescue. In fact,
if words could not get out of the hidden gems of Macau stretching from the people, the architectures, the arts, the landscapes to the fantastic cuisines, it must just be an expedition too good to be true.

Truth should be told. Falling in love with “The Vegas of Asia” was not something new.

Within minutes of touching down in Macau, a distinctive sense of industrialization overwhelmed us. It should have came as no surprise, but a city with such huge and rapid urban transformation was nearly impossible for us to imagine.



In case boundless personal recommendations could not confirm the city’s fascination, then the innovative engineering merging with ground-breaking architectural elements to create glorious buildings in Macau would certainly win the vote! And in the days that followed, the trip took us through even more authentic and historic regions of Macau. All was made better by experiencing it with the team – Media representative, Reebok Malaysia and Macau Tourism Malaysia.

Leaving nothing to chance, Macau Government Tourism Office had arranged for Hotel Okura to ensure that we, the media representatives were fully fuelled before the start of Macau International Marathon on the following day.


On the day before Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon
2016, our race bibs were delivered to our hands. Upon attaching our bibs to our jerseys which were sponsored by Reebok Malaysia and customized by Macau Tourism Malaysia, we awaited it to be a harbinger of an exciting day ahead.

The 35th edition of this very popular running event kicked off from the Olympic Sport Centre Stadium in the early hours of 4th December, with full course marathon and half-marathon starting at 6.00am, and mini marathon beginning at 6.15am. The event saw 10,000 runners.

When the clock struck at 5.30 in the morning, our group assembled at the meeting spot on time. Several of the candidates were applying sports rub creams and gathering for a picture or two. Despite the ages, genders, skin colours and nationalities, everyone seemed to be in a motion as the race announcer gave the last snippet of advice.

We, the media representatives from Running Malaysia, Travel3Sixty Airasia, Runwitme, alongside Team Reebok Malaysia, denoted by the brand ambassadors, CK Loh, Noel and Kimberley from Daily Muscle, Jyn and Richard from Tough Asia, Veron from MGTO; not to forget, Leong Moon Weng, Reebok Marketing Manager, were doing some warm-ups with rousing anticipation.

Keep yourself comfortable, pace your heart rate, stay with your running buddies, admire the landmarks along the race, and fuel-up when you reach the finish line. Afterward, watch out for entrants who take part in full course and half-marathon as you would see them again on the last lap. They were the warriors!

We, this time around, joined the mini marathon which covered a short distance of 5.5 kilometres. This was about an experience of a lifetime, albeit the distance. The goal for everyone was to slow the pace down and appreciate the breath-taking revolution in the city. Most of all, there was no hard pressure.

The first portion of the race was employed with performers playing with music instruments, dancing rhythmically to pleasing symphonies, at the same time, cheering for the runners. Their fervours instantly charged us up and drove us motivated.

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