Bem-Vindo Ao Macau!


Weather was pleasant. We ran through the eminent casinos in Macau. The run allowed us to witness the civilization of this city. The transformation had enough to awe not just the local, but also foreigners. “How fortunate and blessed we were to have an opportunity to glory in these spectacular buildings?” We thought.

We jostled each other in the crowds and spotted a Kenya’s runner flying along the path. The winner for half-marathon could possibly be him. Our guess was right! Malaysia’s Alias Mohd Syahidan achieved 9th placing in the half-marathon.

Watching the Start Clock tick away, we resumed our remaining course to the stadium. The exhilaration of being in the run, amidst thousands of runners, combined with the desire to keep our strides, completely distracted us from exhaustion. Gladly, the run went smoothly.

Chocolate bars, fresh cherry tomatoes and sweet apples lied in wait for the finishers. We shovelled in as much food as we could. Drinking waters were also ready as we arrived at the stadium. With the nourishment and all excitements, our fatigue eventually wore off.

The crowds of spectators and finishers were whooping and spurring other runners on. Cooling ourselves down, in the meantime, watching for stadium’s LED big screen, we indulged in one memorable experience together, spiritually and physically.

The 35th edition of Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon –
been there, ran that.

“How fortunate and blessed we were to have an opportunity to glory in these spectacular buildings?”

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