The Incredible Lightness of Running


Chances are you know a lot of people who stopped running or considerably scaled back their weekly mileage because their bodies simply couldn’t take the pounding. Or perhaps you have done the same, having grown tired of constant soreness and pain, the shin splints, the aching knees, the bruised heels or even the dreaded plantar fasciitis.

Without a doubt, if you suffer these maladies then cutting back on your running brings welcome relief. But wouldn’t you really rather continue to run, if only you could avoid all the discomfort? Of course, you would.

The key is to stop pounding the pavement and start passing lightly over it.

Notice how even the popular language used in reference to running reflects the perceived heaviness of this activity. This widespread view clearly shows that running as a sport, as movement is completely misunderstood!

Why? Because running is the most natural human activity and it is excluded from the rest of the sports where work on one’s technique is almost mandatory and is a common first step for any newbie. Not so with running. In running, it is quite a normal thing to simply put shoes on and go for a run.

This attitude has brought about a dramatic increase in injuries among runners – amateurs and elites. Did you know that running is among the most popular and the most dangerous athletic activities because about 70% of all runners get injured on regular basis? That statistic is unheard of for any other athletic activity.

When you run in the most common manner of landing on your heel, rolling across the foot and then toeing off, you’re leaving the full weight of your body on your feet and the ground for the maximum amount of time possible. This very effectively slows you down.

Let’s add, that in order to land on your heel, your foot has to be way out in front of your body and when it is – it acts as a brake and slows you down with every step you take. As you roll across your foot, your full body weight comes crashing down on your foot through a leg that is now straight and fully extended, with no ability to absorb shock. Then, as you toe off, you are literally trying to kick your body forward through your extended toes. No wonder you hurt all over.

The result of this body battering is quite audible, as a simple test will reveal. Just find a quiet stretch of pavement away from the noise of traffic and listen to your foot strike as your run at various speeds. Thud, thud, thud. That’s the sound of your body weight being magnified as you pound your way down the road.

By contrast, when you learn how to run you will experience the incredible lightness of running. Instead of pounding the pavement, you will virtually hover above it. You will feel and experience all the benefits of running and suffer no negative effects. It is all about developing your skill.

One of the most popular ways around the world to teach and learn running is called the Pose Method of Running. It is used by millions of regular and elite runners around the world. It is also very popular among physical therapists as a tool for correcting errors in running technique and prescribing technique drills and strength exercises as part of the rehab and recovery process for injured runners.

As the most researched and scientifically supported method of teaching running, the Pose Method will help you transform your running experience. Whether you have a marathon scheduled or simply want to enjoy casual runs when you can, the technique, once you learn it, will become second nature and you will never put ‘pavement pounding’ and ‘running’ in the same sentence ever again.

The Pose Method of Running was also scientifically shown to reduce the impact on the knees by virtually 50%. That makes it a perfect technique for runners of any age. Senior runners will especially appreciate the reduced impact and will be able to run longer and enjoy running more.

Running enthusiasts, collegiate team runners, and professional runners, and athletes, however, will benefit the most since running without getting injured will allow for longer athletic and professional careers and many more years of enjoying running.

A love for running coupled with developing your skill of running will bring about better movement, you will waste no effort and become more efficient. The “thud” will evolve into a “tap” when your feet will touch the pavement, your joints won’t feel a thing and your muscles will feel no tension as you cover mile after mile running faster than ever before. This is how running was meant to be. This is how it can become for you. Light and effortless.

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Nicholas Romanov – Founder of <Pose Method of Running>

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