PRIME in its Prime


Running, one of the fastest-growing physical activity trends, has continued to surge in popularity in Malaysia and all over the globe.

Trail running, one of the fastest-growing segments in running, has continued to attract more outdoor enthusiasts, at the same time, influenced outdoor and running brands to continually strive for product development and improvement.

In recent years, Malaysia has also seen an explosion in the number of road and trail running races. More people get out on the trails more actively and more regularly, and also become more conscious of the importance of wearing the right apparels.

Running on the rise. PRIME in its prime

As the sport of road and trail running grows and matures, PRIME – a Malaysian sportswear brand is created to provide sports apparels with the best possible quality for road running and trail running.

With the aim of supporting runners for better performance and higher achievement, PRIME offers comfortability, durability, and flexibility to take runners beyond what they thought possible.

PRIME T-shirts are made from 100% Polyester, all aiming to be lighter, more durable, more comfortable, more functional, and more stretchable to help runners of any level enjoy their running experience.

PRIME has got its run! Have you?