ASICS increases the pace in pioneering new energy saving shoes with the latest innovation – GLIDERIDE scientifically proven to reduce energy loss.

ASICS GLIDERIDE has successfully adapted the GUIDESOLE technology, first introduced in the METARIDE concept, and placed it on the feet of more runners in a unique race featuring participants of different abilities from around the world.

The GUIDESOLE technology is an ergonomic precision-shaped curved sole that reduces energy loss. It works by minimising lower leg movement through the stride, giving a feeling of effortless coasting, to make it easier for runners to keep going for longer.


Engineered by a team of scientific experts and designers at ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), the development of GLIDERIDE was fast-tracked to get the new technology to more runners as quickly as possible.

The GLIDERIDE has taken the GUIDESOLE technology a further step forward. Whilst providing maximum energy saving, it is lighter, with a less extreme curve and more cushioning than the concept shoe – increased comfort. It also reduces weight while maintaining stability to provide both performance and protection.

This latest innovation is a major milestone in achieving our goal to make our energy saving technology available to all runners. In Spring 2020, ASICS will launch the next shoe in the
family, EVORIDE. And it doesn’t finish there. ASICS commitment to this new category extends beyond footwear with the planned introduction of further innovations to our in-store and on-line services.