Reebok Liquifect Running Shoes


Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend that much to have a decent running shoe.

Picking up running can be so easy, but picking up a decent running shoe can seem like a challenging task. While the choices may seem endless, the new Reebok Liquifect we recently received is not only affordable, but all you need to qualify as good to go.

It is built with long-lasting cushioning for your every day running regime. The running shoe has a lab-developed Liquifect technology that’s injected into the heel to provide ultimate comfort.


This running shoe is indeed aesthetically pleasing on its outside. Featuring a two-tone mesh upper with a knit look, the shoe looks just idyllic to wear during a run, or anytime after a run and daily errands.

The beautiful violet haze of the shoe seems like a colourway that most girls will never say no to. The mesh upper does not only look attractive, but also does not cause binding or chafing anywhere.

The same goes to the toe box. It allows the foot to flex and spread out comfortably and naturally in both width and length without binding or rubbing the toes.


If you pay attention to the shoe’s outsole, it is made of full rubber which offers reliable traction.

Apart from putting it on for running, we also tried the shoe for hiking. It wasn’t any tough and technical hike, but an easy and manageable trail. It is incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.

The rubber outsole did not feel slippery on the terrain, without adding excess weight or stiffness. Most importantly, the shoe has a balance between cushioning, stability, and ground feel.

It may not be the most costly shoes in the market, but it certainly makes an affordable and considerable pair of running shoes.

RRP: RM329

Reebok Liquifect is available on Reebok Malaysia