Why Virtual Runs Are Getting More Popular


Running is gaining its popularity throughout the years. From running a 5km fun run, half marathon, full marathon, to a gruelling but satisfying ultra-marathon, running events are steadily increasing in many cities.

Everyone runs for different reasons. Some people run for charity, some people run for passion, while some people run for competitiveness. There are many top quality races to choose from almost every weekend in Malaysia.

However, there are runners who are busy with a tight schedule, but want motivation to keep up the active lifestyle and momentum, virtual run is a new trend in the running community.



  1. Flexible timing

There won’t be any parking problem, crowd, flag-off gun, and official starting line participating in a virtual run. Runners can find races that fit in their calendar, and that’s the beauty of flexibility offered by virtual races. Runners who sign up for a virtual race can simply choose their own starting line, be it a treadmill, a nearby park, or a neighbourhood jog track. They run the race distance, upload their finishing time, and claim their medal and t-shirt.

  1. Connect with the community

One of the benefits of joining a virtual run is the connection with the running community, be it your friends or family. The great thing about it is that anyone can join! Even though everyone lives in different places, you can connect with them by signing up for the same virtual race. Sometimes, having a same goal makes a run more exciting.


  1. Readiness for beginner runners

Sometimes, running in a big race can be intimidating for beginner runners. The crowds, competitiveness, and cut-off time can potentially cause unwanted stress. If you are a beginner and need to prepare yourself to a race, joining a virtual run is an ideal step! Not only it enables you to step out of your comfort zone, but also allows you to join the running community and push yourself to the next level, without having the pressure to compete with other athletes.

  1. Marathon training motivation

Training for a marathon could be tedious. Runners who haven’t run a marathon would probably wonder if they could tackle a longer distance run. While preparing for a big race needs motivation, joining a virtual race allows you to run your own race, at your own pace, and work on your goals.


  1. Earning medals

Collecting different medals with creative and unique designs is fun! Participating in a virtual run enables you to earn your medal and t-shirt upon completion. Each medal and t-shirt is special to the race, making your running accomplishment a memory to remember. What sounds even better than completing your distances in your own time, in any location, and earning your medals?