Run with a Whole Heart


In a long-distant run like a marathon, a number of elements have to come together. Muhaizar occupies himself with consistent training programmes, including downhill and trial runs. Occasionally, he works out at the gym to boost his body strength. “I have to divide my schedules into working as an army in Melaka, training for my competitions, and travelling to different places for marathons.It’s a give-and-take.

He also indicated that he is grateful to have his family members being supportive and understanding. Travelling to different places for races disallows him to have longer time spent with his family, especially his three children. “I believe my children will be proud of their father.”

Similar to all athletes who pay attention on their diets, Muhaizar’s diet is as simple as less oil and sugar, more carbs and protein. “Consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables is very important as well,” he noted. Moreover, he takes supplements such as B Complex Vitamin and Vitamin C.

“Discipline is what makes us succeed.” Muhaizar emphasized.

He always believes in the right attitude. In addition to his belief in religion, he prays, and studies positive values in life. Hard-work is what he bears in mind of all time.

As the cliché goes, good thing comes to those who work hard. As the Malaysian representative of Southeast Asian Games 2017, Muhaizar is currently preparing to pursue training sponsored by Asics Japan in Tokyo in February next year. He is thankful for having Asics to provide him satisfactory and fitting apparels on competitions.

“For the time being, I will live in the present moment. To become a successful person, we must always learn how to forgive. Let go of the grudges of yesterday, and hold on to the hope of tomorrow.”

If only time allowed, there were still so much more for us to learn from Muhaizar.

Muhaizar has always wanted to be a businessman with a humble shop of his own. With endless support, love and prayers from his family and friends, he believe that he will let his hard work pay off.

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