All about Ginger!


A common spice which has a very rich history, Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been traded throughout the ancient times longer than most other spices. The Indians and ancient Chinese used the root of ginger as a tonic to treat common ailments. Although ginger originated in Southeast Asia, it was widely cultivated in other countries as well.

By the 1st century, traders had taken ginger into the Mediterranean regions. It was valued for its medicinal merits: it is a popular warming spice, a digestive aid, and sometimes used to treat flatulence and colic.Ginger is a versatile addition to soups, sauces, marinades, and a number of other dishes, from baked apples to stir-fried vegetables. A cup of tea, of course, is one of its hallmarks, not just for pleasant flavor, but soothing qualities as well.

How does it benefit runners?

Runners have a tremendous amount of inflammation. Inflammation is caused by a flux of free radicals in the body and can stem from issues such as diet, lifestyle choices, digestive issues, and chronic conditions, including heart disease or diabetes. The training exercise is also a natural cause of free radical production.

On the same note, other than inflammation caused by strenuous exercise, tempo runs, and interval training. Some runners, experienced nausea while keeping their pace during the race due to exhaustion as well as stomach pains because of digestion. Eating some crystallized ginger before running may help settle your stomach and relieve dizziness.

Ginger has a long list of benefits and healing powers of running and recovery. These powers have been proclaimed for thousands of years in alternative medicine and have been backed up recently by modern studies. Some of these are:


Improve Circulation

Maintains normal blood circulation. Ginger contains chromium, magnesium, and zinc which can help to improve blood flow, as well as help prevent chills, fever, and excessive sweat.


Aid in Digestion

Ginger is ideal in assisting digestion, thereby improving food absorption and avoiding a possible stomach ache. Ginger appears to reduce inflammation in a similar way to aspirin and ibuprofen.


Strengthen Immunity

Ginger helps improve the immune system. Consuming a little bit ginger a day can help foil potential risk of a stroke by inhibiting fatty deposits from the arteries. It also decreases bacterial infections in the stomach and helps battle a bad cough and throat irritation.


Relieve muscle soreness

Daily consumption of raw or heat- treated ginger resulted in moderate-to- large reductions in muscle pain following exercise- induced muscle injury. Taking 2 grams of fresh ginger, about 1 1/2 teaspoons, per day may help you have less delayed onset muscle soreness.

Fun Facts!

To treat digestive problems, Greeks would eat ginger wrapped in bread. Eventually, ginger was added to the bread dough creating that wonderful treat people across the globe love today: Gingerbread!

Give your fridge a quick scan. Do you see powdered or fresh ginger? If not, it’s time to plan your trip to the grocery store, ASAP! Because other than being one of the main ingredients in your favourite dish, this medicinal marvel is long touted in herbal medicine as a healing spice. Runners, spice up your health with Ginger!

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