What’s The Feeling Of Running On Bubbles?


At first sight, we were attracted to the visible and colourful beads of the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit. Not to forget, it just looks fun and funky. Vibrant colours and translucent heel give the shoes a cool and stylish feel.

Nike has developed a new shoe technology for all runners, from beginners to athletes— a responsive cushioning system designed to adapt to individual foot strikes and offer high levels of impact absorption as your feet hit the surface you’re running on.

Consisting of thousands of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) beads distributed in the midsole, these tiny, energy-packed beads are constructed to make your running easier and give you more personalised comfort.


The Flyknit upper gives ample amount of breathing space.

The Joyride’s upper is made from neoprene (a synthetic rubber) and Nike Flyknit to offer a fit and second-skin feel.

Designed to adapt to the compression of the beads in the midsole, the upper expands around the toe-box as we place our weight at the front of the foot, it neither feels loose, nor restricting.

The lacing also holds the mid-foot well and even though it doesn’t run all the way to the front, the forefoot and mid foot increase airflow creating a breathable environment and a comfortable secure fit adapting the shape of our foot.


There is plenty of extra cushioning going on around the heels, too.

Running in the Joyride Flyknit has been a very pleasant experience, because of the lightweight and comfortability. Once slipping into it, the first encounter with the shoe is likened to the sensation of running on bubbles.

The insole feels like a massage cushion that it soothes and relaxes our feet, at the same time, providing excellent impact force distribution. Not only the soft and cushioned collar can be tightened with the laces, we also enjoy how the inner layer adds extra cushioning around the heel.

Running in the shoes for 5 kilometres, it’s hard not to agree with the beads underfoot. The beads do make the softest foam and they are indeed shock-absorbent and responsive. Not forgetting, we love the double-layer booty construction at the back, as it is a lot easier to slip on! It also keeps the heel secure and supported inside the shoe.

In overall, it has been satisfying running in the Joyride Flyknit. It is not only designed for runners, the fitness enthusiasts can also give it a try and you will be surprised at how the shoe conforms to your shape and stride.

However, we have not worn it for long runs, but if you seek a comfortable, flexible, and responsive running shoe for shorter runs, recovery runs, or treadmill runs, the Joyride Flyknit would be ideal.