Outdoor, Our Training Ground! The North Face’s Fully Enhanced “Spirit Of Outdoor Training”


Outdoor Training:
The North Face’s Brand New Revolutionized Fall/winter Gear

In contrast to indoor training, outdoor training is greatly influenced by the outdoor environment, especially during fall and winter. For normal training, The North Face recommends that you select breathable, durable, comfortable, and high-protection outdoor training gear according to factors such as training intensity, weather, and training environment. In order to cope with the unpredictable weather and low temperatures of the fall and winter seasons, The North Face has come up with customized and enhanced outdoor apparel and gear to ensure that you will always be in charge of your training sessions!

THERMOBALL Technology: Who’s Afraid of Moisture and the Cold? The Top Choice for Keeping Warm During Training

In between or after your training sessions, The North Face recommends that you immediately put on a dry and warm jacket to greatly lower your risk of catching a cold after training. THERMOBALL is The North Face’s groundbreaking invention in insulation technology – ThermoBall jacket is a good choice for your insulation needs. Using small round PrimaLoft synthetic ball-shaped fibers instead of traditional continuous-filament insulation fibers, heat can be retained inside the small air pockets to provide a stable insulation structure. In four seasons regions, the weather varies greatly during fall and winter, so you will require a dependable source of warmth during outdoor training. The THERMOBALL jacket heat-retention and moisture-insulation technology is able to rapidly eliminate any moisture while keeping you warm at the same time. THERMOBALL offers high compressibility. Its lightweight design makes it convenient and easy to carry around. http://www.thenorthface.com

Flash Dry XD Technology: Professional Outdoor Gear for Tough Terrain

The North Face’s exclusive FlashDry XD Technology adds micro-pore fibers to the brand-new sweat- absorbent material which is able to rapidly absorb the moisture on the skin and ensure continuous elimination of the moisture from the surface of the material. The breathable, quick-drying and durable FlashDry XD material is also fully equipped to protect your body and skin from the rugged outdoor environment, ensuring that you stay dry, comfortable and safe throughout your training.

TnF Outdoor Challenge

In line with Outdoor Training, the North Face is launching its new outdoor challenge event. With 10km of trail run and 20 obstacles, the TNF Outdoor Challenge is on its way to Malaysia on 19 November 2016. Challenge the outdoor environment and challenge yourself, visit www.tnfoutdoorchallenge.com.