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Entering year 2016, the company continued to grow with more events. They began the year with BOH Eco Trail Run followed by the Ariani Hijab Run, the first hijab run organized in Malaysia. The year kept The Marathon Company busy till December with the 2nd edition of Ice-Watch Light Up the Night Run 2016. This time, the event was 2 times larger than the previous year.

The Marathon Company’s creativity in organizing running events cannot be bottled but they never strayed far from the basics. The satisfaction in organizing running events is endless. Seeing happy faces crossing the finish line is satisfying and rewarding. There were a lot of new runners who have never taken part in a run before. Benz fondly recalls a memory when one of the participants at the Run Stroller Run! exclaimed happily that it was the first time she’s gotten a medal.

The one event that catapulted them to become a reputable running event organizer in Malaysia is the Ice-Watch Light Up the Night Run 2015.

What goes on behind a running event, Benz?

A survey of the demographic must be done. Know who will attend your event. You must work backwards from the event day to formulate a work schedule. Every nook and cranny must be paid attention to.

A good branding and a good marketing plan go a long way. A fellow runner himself, Benz understands that joining a running event does not come cheap. The challenge The Marathon Company faced during their first event was trying to keep the registration fee at a sweet spot so it’s not too expensive for runners.

The Marathon Company runs by one philosophy, “from runners to runners”. Benz began his running journey way before he started The Marathon Company. He takes into his experience as a runner and what he would expect from a running event when designing a running event. Learning from his own running experience, that’s how Benz differentiates himself from other event organizers.

Being passionate helps in delivering a good running event, Benz shared. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than hearing participants proclaimed about the fun they have had in his run. For now, the Marathon Company will focus on organizing running events and maintain the quality of every run that they organize.

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