Making It All A Possibility – The Marathon Company


Benz gave us the low-down on the cause of the sudden boom in the running scene in Malaysia. For a runner, it’s like the domino effect. It usually begins when someone posts up on Facebook about how amazing the medal is. Then another is intrigued on how the medal is obtained. Just like that, everyone else gets curious too. The government supporting a healthy lifestyle plays a huge part in the sudden grow of running sport in Malaysia. Running is a beautiful sport. Everyone can just put on a pair of running shoes and run. Benz also noticed that increasing number of companies are using running events as a new publicity platform to reach out to consumers.

Benz is far from satisfied with the progress of The Marathon Company. He’s not complacent nor does he rest on his laurels. Instead he continuously works on perfecting each run. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for running events. It takes an army to make a success. The next time you participate in a running event, give a little thank to the people who make the run possible for us.

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